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Cryptolaemus larvae


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    The cryptolaemus bug, dubbed the “mealybug destroyer”, is a great beneficial insect that is carnivorous in all moving stages. The larval stage has a white, waxy coating that makes it resemble a mealybug. The cryptolaemus larvae can eat other insects related to mealybugs, such as soft scale or aphids, but they are most effective in controlling large mealybug populations. The larval stages are extremely voracious, eating more than 250 mealybug nymphs during its larval cycle. 

    One bottle contains approximately 250 cryptolaemus larvae in a buckwheat husk substrate. One bottle can treat 10-15 small/medium plants depending on the amount applied to each plant. Applying this substrate is not recommended if you have plants in LECA, pon, moss, perlite, or water. Please see the release tutorial videos to instructions on how to release cryptolaemus larvae on plants in non-soil substrates.


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