Stratiolaelaps Scimitus Pouch



Stratiolaelaps scimitus is a species of predatory mite that feeds fungus gnat larvae, thrips pupae, overwintering spider mites. These mites are perfect for an in-depth “cleaning” of your soil. Do not skip these if you are treating an infestation. These mites should be an integral part of your pest preventative or active infestation plan.

One pouch contains approximately 1,000 12,500 mites in a vermiculite substrate. One pouch can treat approximately 20-40 plants depending on the how much you use on each plant. It is not recommended to apply stratiolaelaps directly with the vermiculite substrate for plants in non-soil substrates such as LECA, pon, moss, perlite, or water. Please refer to the Pests and Predators handbook for release instructions.